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  • Our heritage

    Our heritage

    nature + tradition

Our story

The idea for the t-licious brand originates from old Austrian family recipes; a traditional method of making craft, sugar-based syrups. 

Finding an old recipe book a couple of years back, our grandmother Maria made sure that her ways would be passed down from generation to generation.

To retain the original flavours of the various fruit, berry and blossom syrups, we have left these recipes unchanged, but added a little twist: Instead of adding water, we chose to use a natural green tea.

Our Grandma

Family Values

Grandmother Maria loved nature and everything that comes with it. It is therefore our aim and corporate responsibility to serve a drink as still, natural and sustainable as possible.

The t-licious GmbH is a fully transparent, sustainable and conflict-free producer and work place.

family values

OUR goals

It is our corporate aim to innovate the energy erink industry in a way that allows for a hybrid market to be developed. 

We want to move away from the generic "energy Drink" term and create a niche that caters for healthy, modern and zen consumers. 

We value feedback, and without it, we wouldn't be where we are. Take a moment to leave a little message in our contact form, and we would be glad to comment on any inquiries. 

With love,

The t-eam