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The Cartocan®

With this paper-laminate packaging, we are the first energy drink to date that has adopted this environmentally sustainable choice.

The Cartocan® offers an improved carbon-footprint; using 60% renewable resources and emitting 50% less CO2 than regular aluminium cans, we simply are the better option.

Using the benefits of layering, we are able to bottle the drink giving it a 12 month natural shelf life, while rejecting additives of all sorts.


Center cartocan

sustainable + clean

Sensory Optimization

  • - A smooth and matt surface changing the overall haptic of the can
  • - An elegant drink that sits well in the hand
  • - A non-carbonated energy drink

Environmental benefits

  • - Made up of 60% renewable material
  • - 50% reduction in CO2 during manufacturing



  • - A 7-layered can
  • - Containing 250ml of drink with a natural 12 month shelf life
Internal PE coating
Adhesive resin
Aluminium coating: light air and contamination barrier
Secondary PE coat
Cartonboard layer: a sturdy layer giving the can stability
Metalized coat: giving the print colour and effect
External PE coat: protecting the can from humidity and contamination


User Experience

  • - With a wider and innovative opening, the consumption of drinks has been reinvented
  • - Smoother drinking
  • - Less kick-back