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Elderflower (Sambucas Nigra L.) is the blossom of the elderberry shrub, which is indigenous to the Northern hemisphere.

A summery light taste - floral and fragrant, yet with a slightly sweet with a quaint bitter note from the organic green tea.


Red Currants (Ribes Rubrum L.) are the matured pearl sized berry belonging to the gooseberry family.

A full, rich and sour taste - fruity and acidic, yet with a smooth, bold and bitter end note from the organic green tea.

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Our green tea

We pride ourselves in only using the fairest and finest green tea originating from Kenyan steppe. The reason we have chosen Kenyan green tea over the counterparts is due to the artisanal production methods and rich quality that is delivered.

Kenya's geographic location is ideal for tea production as it has a semi-arid tropical climate. With higher altitudes that receive important rainfall and cool winds in the warm summer months.

The green tea used is a leafy green vegetal tea that is not very bitter or sharp. Instead, a lush taste develops that borders on a citrus and fruity profile. Generally speaking, the taste of 'green' is caused by the polyphenols in the tea leaf which creates the bitter taste that green tea is often associated with, and is also the last note you will enjoy when drinking t-licious.

It goes without saying that we make sure our stock originates from fair cultivation to nature and all humans involved. 



The Austrian well water used during our bottling has regularly been praised as "Europe's best water". According to the EUREAU, Austrian water has won these awards for best appearance, smell and taste. 


Fun Fact:

The Austrian metropolitan water systems were built in 1873 by Emperor Franz-Joseph and delivers a total of 430,000 cubic meters of water to the capital, Vienna. 

That's 1.7 billion cups of water! 


Vitamins and Amino Acid 

We care about your health and deliver a balance combination of Vitamins and our innovative Amino Acid: Tryptophan. 


Tryptophan is widely used to:

  • Improve concentration and attention (ADHD)

  • Battle anxiety and depression (Bruxism) 

  • Reduce pain from premenstrual syndrome (PMDD)

  • Improve athletic performance (Regeneration Times) 


B-Vitamins used are important for energy metabolism and neurological functions.

The Vitamins in t-licious:

  • Contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 

  • Improve mental performance 

  • Assist the normal function of the nervous system 

According to recent research, Vitamin C may offer health benefits when:

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Reducing stress

  • Preventing skin ageing 

  • Balancing cholesterol levels 

high in Vitamin C!